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[18 Aug 2009|12:40pm]
[ mood | buh ]

I dunno why, but whenever I have a really good date with a girl, when I really vibe with her and think it could lead to a real romantic relationship, the day afterwards I have a panic attack about my mortality. The date was on Friday and my freak-out was on Saturday. Should I interpret this as a good sign?

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[22 Jul 2009|04:01pm]
[ mood | inhalation ]

As of today or a few days previous, I have spent 1/4th of my life on estrogen (or at least not having a typical male endocrinal profile - there were small gaps in estrogen use).

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legalities [09 Jul 2009|03:08pm]
[ mood | palmy ]

Hark, my charges have been dr-dr-dr-dropped and my name change petition is signed sealed and delivered over six months since I filed them. Horray for me! If you ain't know, my old name/male name/birth name/slave name is not simply no longer in use, but has been actively elided/superseded/eradicated/overruled by my new name/correct name/female name/legal name Eva Lina. (I'm not going to write it all out because my full legal name has no google hits and I would love to keep it that way.)

Now let's answer a few questions you probably don't have.

Q: How do you pronounce that?

A: Eh-vah Lee-nah. IPA: [eva lina] Like in Spanish or most Romance languages (or even Japanese!). Eva rhymes with Emma. Lina rhymes with Tina sorta. I expect your American English-based phonological habits to mangle my name a bit, just don't dare call me Ee-vah.

Q: Why two names?

A: Glad you asked! Basically the structure of my name is such that my middle name is the one for public use - anyone can call me that. My first name is reserved for people I have some intimacy or closeness with. Therefore, if you call me Eva and I don't know you that well, I'll tell you to switch to Lina. If you don't, I'll consider you a dickmunch and probably stop interacting with you. This naming structure was inspired by two women I knew from MIT, Maria Camilla F. and Mary Kate T.

Q: Anything else?

A: Not really. Oh yeah, tell my birth name to anyone without my explicit permission and I'll cut you.

Now I can start looking for a new job, so that's exciting. I might be leaving New York. Also, no great surprise, while my skill at angering people with god-like intent is indeed great, even greater can be my skill at infuriating people without really intending to. Too sensitive to talk about here but ask when I see/talk to you.

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yikes [15 Jun 2009|07:25pm]
[ mood | frightened ]

My god, what a terrifying sensation. I go to this trans/queer party Saturday night and end up making out with two trans women. We exchanged emails. A google later on Sunday brings the fact that the first one is a serial perpetrator of sexual and emotional abuse.

I feel like a fucking mark. The only positive side is that I liked the later one better.

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